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What clients have to say ...

Reflexology Therapy

N C.

After treatment as client got off the table...

*%&# my back feels awesome, seriously I've never felt this good after other modality treatments. The best I've felt in years.

Following fortnight ...

NC - My jaw is flogging me 

Me - let's take a look at your feet and ankles!!

After treatment ...

NC - as you were working on my ankles I could feel my jaw relax. My legs feel the best I can remember in a long time. They feel really weird - like jelly. But good weird.



D W.

Bowen ... a reassuring and relaxing place, just like my favourite cafe


Image by Adrian Moise

J K.

I was suffering badly from reflux for the past 3 years and been on between 80mg to 160mg of Nexium morning and night. I mentioned this to Gail last week and she did her magic on my stomach. Not thinking anything further about it till I got home I realised I had not taken any further medication for the past 24hrs. I have not had a tablet in over 6 days. Thank you.


Image by Heather Mount

S & J B.

Thanks for the fantastic treatment yesterday Gail. Both "J" and I have noticed definite pain reduction today.

I would encourage anyone to try Bowen Therapy it works for me where other disciplines have not.

 — feeling grateful.


Trio of Candles

T W.

Love having a Bowen treatment with Gail. Always feel 100% better, aches and pains disappear, my sleep and emotional well being all improves. Well worth having a Bowen treatment.


Golfer hitting golf

P K.

Initially I was a sceptic. However, I see my Specialist every three months for my Arthritis. I've been seeing Gail for approximately 3.5years and the Specialist has stated I've never been in better shape than I am now. If I miss my scheduled appointments I really know about it. Bowen has helped me beyond my expectations. 


Tea Time

H W.

You are definitely wonderful and I'm glad I'm not the only one who knows it. You have changed my life and I know you will go through your life making a difference to a LOT of people.


Back pain.png

B R.

Have been diagnosed with oesteoarthritis in my spine, pain is constant and horrible. Gail has eased my pain to well over half and the pins and needles are almost gone. Can't thank Gail enough. Highly recommend.


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