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To ensure you receive the highest standard of treatment you will be involved in a fully inclusive planning

assessment to assist you to reach your full potential.


What is Bowen Therapy?


A gentle non-invasive form of hands-on bodywork. The Therapist utilises the body's own innate ability to self-heal through influencing and stimulating its energy flow.


How does Bowen Therapy work?


Through a series of gentle movements Bowen Therapy can influence the body as a whole or address specific problems with just a few movements.

During each set (or series) of movements the practitioner will take short pauses to enable the body to integrate the moves deep into the body's cellular memory to begin the healing process.

Appropriate for all ages (from newborns to the elderly), Bowen Therapy works with the muscles, ligaments, tendons, connective tissues (fascia) and the three nervous systems (autonomic, central and peripheral) without any forceful hard-tissue manipulation.


Can Bowen Therapy assist me?


Everyday aches and pains, men's/women's and children's conditions, mind health issues can all be assisted using this gentle modality.


Sports injuries can potentially heal quicker and remain more stable after Bowen procedures. Bowen Therapy is also effective for pre/post surgeries again supporting the healing process.


So what are you waiting for? You can reach the pinnacle of body balance through Bowen Therapy.


Bowen Therapy should be considered for:

  • accident and sport injuries

  • anxiety / depression / stress / tension symptoms

  • back pain / arthritis / sciatica / scoliosis 

  • childhood behavioural problems 

  • chronic fatigue syndrome / fibromyalgia 

  • digestive disorders

  • knee and ankle problems

  • menstrual irregularities / hormonal imbalances

  • migraines and headaches

  • neck and shoulder problems

  • pre/post surgery

  • pregnancy and conception problems

  • respiratory conditions / hay fever / sinus

  • RSI and tennis elbow

Back pain.png
Bowtech PNG_edited.jpg

What is Lymphoedema and Lipodema?

  • Lymphoedema is when the lymphatic system becomes impaired and cannot adequately drain lymph from the body.

  • There are two types (classifications) of Lymphoedema:-

    • Primary - occurs from birth but primarily doesn't manifest until events such as puberty, pregnancy, injury or infection are involved

    • Secondary - being an obstruction to the lymphatic system, again through injury (eg cancer treatments, surgery or infection}, impairing the nodes and the ability to drain. It can manifest at any stage (days or years) after the initial lymphatic impairment occurs 

    • Limbs can be heavy and painful requiring regular intervention

  • Lipodema IS NOT ordinary fat​

  • Lipodema is fluid in the fat and can be very painful

  • Primarliy found in women, (however, men can develop it also) it affects the subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT)

  • SAT holds onto water. This makes it difficult to pass through the body producing the 'bracelet' look at the wrists and ankles where it tends to stop

  • It can be found in the arms, legs, hips, buttocks and abdomen

  • Over time SAT can become fibrotic

*NB - you can have both conditions at the same time

How does MLD/CDT work?

It's all about you! What do you want to achieve and participate in. Together we can develop a complete care plan with regular reviews. Self-care is essential.

  • Regular MLD is your best friend

  • Incorporate bandaging to reduce the swelling until your measurements become stable then once this point has been achieved potentially introduce a pump press instead of the bandaging

  • Skin care is vital to reduce the potential for introduction of infections eg cracked heels, cellulitis etc. A good, non-petroleum based, moisturiser is essential

  • Daily compression is essential - so together we can measure you up for 'off the shelf' garments or custom made

  • Thinking of a Lymph Press? again we can measure you to ensure you purchase the correct product for you and your needs

  • About to have surgery? Then lets work together to ensure you achieve the outcome you are seeking by having a care plan in place for pre/post surgery

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Approved Practitioner Advanved Myo MLD.png
Shanes leg Dec 2019

Lymphoedema - 

* Shane's leg pre-treatment - December 2019

* Shane's leg post treatment and in stockings - March 2020

Shanes leg Mar 2020
LipoLypo Lady _edited.jpg
MLD - lipoedema.png

Scars - what are they and why you should not ignore them?


The body forms scar tissue as a natural response to trauma when the skin is lacerated or punctured either by accident or purposefully ie. surgery.


Collagen being laid down during the repair process results in a thickened, fibrous mass which can impede proper circulation of blood, congests lymph flow, and can even impact on Range of Motion.


Additionally, the severing of delicate nerve tissue often results in Dysthesia of not only the scar but the adjacent, surrounding tissue. As the scar is fibrous and non-elastic it will have a dragging and pulling effect on biomechanical function of all physiological systems.


Scars, however, are not just about surgical, burns, or trauma wounds. Scarring can present in the form of cultural scarification and cellular memory scars. All forms hold a psychological memory and this memory, in itself, can impact the outcomes of previous therapeutic interventions.

How does it work? 


There is no sliding, gliding, challenging, of any tissue, of any description. The technique is applied at the client’s level of comfort making it highly successful for clients who have undergone cancer treatment and present highly sensitive to touch.


What can Scar Release be useful for - BUT not limited to?


  • Accidents - knife and bullet wounds, burns, limb reconstructions (see photo R).

  • Adhesions

  • Appendix/Gallbladder

  • Carpal Tunnel

  • C-sections and Hysterectomies

  • Joint replacements

  • Mastectomies/Lumpectomies and Breast reconstructions

  • Muscle/tendon/ligament tears

  • Post-surgical scars

  • Sports injury micro/full tears​

New website types of scars.png

What you can expect at your treatment

  • From the moment of your initial contact you can expect a professional, friendly, and thorough explanation about your treatment and how it can assist you

  • At your first treatment I will communicate factually the affects your body may experience during and after your treatment

  • Respect at all times and deliver a professionally tailored, non-invasive treatment, which specifically addresses your physical and well-being needs 

  • Delivery of your treatment with skilled, professional and proficient purpose

  • Support in line with your treatment through after-care recommendations  

What I request from you

  • To provide a full health history enabling a tailored treatment plan to be formed specifically addressing your needs. Similarly, to advise me at each treatment of any changes you experience no matter how small

  • FULL payment is due at time of appointment unless otherwise advised (see below) 

  • If you are contagious it is best you reschedule your appointment asap

  • To treat me, your therapist with respect. Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated

  • Did you benefit from our service? Please feel free to communicate this to your family, friends or colleagues, and the wider community

  • Similarly, should you experience anything you do not like about your treatment, I encourage you to speak directly with me so we can work together to rectify


  • SumetBodyworx will handle your personal details with the utmost respect, integrity and confidentiality at all times

  • SumetBodyworx will not sell, exchange, or profit from your personal details through a third party unless required by law

  • SumetBodyworx will collect and record your personal details for the sole purpose of providing you with a tailored treatment plan, Clinic communications and educational articles designed to assist your ongoing journey to achieve body-balance 



Need to Cancel or Reschedule?

  • We all know life can send us some unexpected events. So let's work together. Need to cancel? SumetBodyworx request you give 24hrs notice as someone else may benefit from your cancellation

  • A deposit of 50%, credited to your first appointment, is required of all new clients.

  • "NO SHOW" will attract a full payment and 50% deposit for future bookings.

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