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Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Have you noticed the early morning chill has well and truly set in this week with temps plummeting to 5 Celcius in my local area?

Unfortunately with it comes the potential for cracked skin, cracked lips, coughs, colds and flu.

So what state is your immune system in? Have you been burning the candle at both ends over the summer? OR has your healthy eating gone out the window?

It’s never too late to take stock of the state of your immune system and take action to support it. So how do I do that?

Your first point of defence against disease is of course the skin cells. The fatty substances of the skin, (lipids), form a defence barrier warding off any germs provided there are no tears of the skin.

So it makes sense to ensure you wash your hands keeping germs away from your mouth, nose and ears.

It’s just as important to be well hydrated, and to moisturise your skin, preventing the potential for dry cracked skin. The drying out of your eyes, and mucus of the mouth and nose, enables germs to pass into your system more easily.

Next, by ensuring you keep any level of inflammation under control your body’s defense cells are then ready for action to fight off any bacterial invasion. Sugar feeds inflammation as does a diet full of unhealthy fats, so perhaps review your intake.

Then of course antioxidants help repair cells and protect from damage. By bulking up your diet with fresh fruit and vegetables you increase your antioxidants. Beautiful fresh leafy dark-greens and fruits full of Vitamin C and A all boost the immune system.

Zinc is also another important antioxidant which you can obtain by consuming red meat, oysters, whole-grains and legumes as part of your daily diet.

No matter how little you do everything helps.

Keep warm.


Gail Tumes is a qualified Bowen Therapist and Scar Tissue Release Practitioner living and practicing in Forest Lake, Queensland. Having been on the receiving end of Bowen Therapy for over 20 years, in 2015 Gail decided to embark on a long desired career in Complementary/ Alternative therapies. Gail now has her own thriving practice where she works with clients from all walks of life and all age groups providing them with the healing gift of Bowen Therapy.

If you would like to learn more about how Bowen Therapy can assist you please call Gail on 0417 005 510.


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