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Updated: Jul 14, 2020

I was sitting having coffee with a dear friend when she said “I need to send ‘P’ to see you he’s driving me crazy. He has rheumatoid arthritis and his back is killing him. He won’t do anything about it and what he has done in the past isn’t helping now”.

Sitting listening, I had heard this same scenario over and over again, many, many times. It’s the partner who will be the first to crack and spill the beans.

So after some encouragement, and saying to my friend ... “well get him to give me a call”, it took a few months before ‘P’ actually came to see me. ‘P’ really didn’t have any choice in the matter, as, in the end my friend cracked it and said to me (when we were on another catch-up) ... “ just book him in for an appointment I’m fed up with the complaining. Don’t worry he’ll be there”.

Now, I don’t know about you but when someone says ‘don’t worry’ my ears prick up. I kind of wait for the person to either cancel their appointment the day, or mere hours, beforehand. OR, for them not turn up at all purely because the individual may not be ready to try something new and unknown to them.

BUT, sure to my friend’s word ‘P’ turned up.

A very tall 6-foot something guy entered my Clinic. By all accounts ‘P’ visibly looked fit and healthy. All but for the support on his right wrist there was nothing indicating there was any problem.

As we sat and chatted I explained what Bowen Therapy actually is ie. a gentle non-invasive soft tissue treatment requiring no harsh manipulation.

‘P’ then told me his right wrist had only flared up 3-days prior and it now required him to wear the support – it was achy. His fingers had done the same but the pain had gone 24hrs prior to his appointment. His lower back and sacrum were always aching and niggling. On a pain scale of 1-10 he was sitting at a 7.

In 2001 he had experienced an intense pain in his right shoulder and taken himself to hospital. This was the diagnosed beginning of Rheumatoid Arthritis. ‘P’ was given an anti-inflammatory and sent home. ‘P’ had also had bursitis and ganglions of the right elbow, along with ankle and foot pain which comes and goes. He was awaiting removal of ganglions from his left foot.

After some body function assessment we established he had a high pain reaction when moving his ear to shoulder, significant restriction when rotating his upper body from side to side, and raising his knees in a marching action elicited pain in the sacrum. On palpation there was also some minor swelling of the sacrum. I didn’t test his wrists!

‘P’ then got up on the table. I treated his body with some Bowen Therapy during which he went into a deep state of relaxation and gentle snore.

After the treatment I asked ‘P’ how he felt and in particular his wrist. ‘P’ looked at me with a sense of disbelief.

The minimal targeted procedures performed on him had left him with ... “pain, what pain? ... there’s nothing there!!!”

That’s right as he was rotating and flicking his wrist around he had no pain and even decided not to put the wrist support on again. ‘Back feels great!”

Now remember I didn’t test his wrist – why – because all the other testing confirmed where his problems would be ie. neck, sacrum, knees, ankles, shoulders, arms and WRISTS!!

BUT, Bowen Therapy works on ‘less is more’ concept and I didn’t need to treat each and every pain point – just the culprits.

As we were finishing up ‘P’ also let me know that he had not been able to get onto the golf course for several long months due to the restriction and pain in his back and he was missing it.

‘OK then I’ll see you next week and we will work on that,” I said. So a week later ‘P’ came back. No pain whatsoever in the wrist, just a low grade restriction in the lower back.

AND a fortnight later he came back to see me again.....

“On Sunday I played the best game of golf in a long time. Everyone kept asking “what have you done with ‘P’ ... who is this guy? AND I hit my LONGEST DRIVE EVER!!! I’ve told them all about you and Bowen Therapy .......

So next time you have a golf tournament on the horizon, and want to improve your swing and drive, have your body function assessed to determine where your restrictions are – SumetBodyworx and Bowen Therapy, MAY just be the answer to YOUR longest drive ever !!!!


Gail Tumes is a qualified Bowen Therapist and Scar Tissue Release Practitioner living and practicing in Forest Lake, Queensland. Having been on the receiving end of Bowen Therapy for over 20 years, in 2015 Gail decided to embark on a long desired career in Complementary/ Alternative therapies. Gail now has her own thriving practice where she works with clients from all walks of life and all age groups providing them with the healing gift of Bowen Therapy.

If you would like to learn more about how Bowen Therapy can assist you please call Gail on 0417 005 510.


The information on this website is not intended to replace your personal relationship with your GP and is not intended as medical advice or as a replacement for prescribed interventions. The material appearing on the website is for educational use only.


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